SOULutions™ And The City

Hi guys,

I’m ashamed how long it has been – but, MAN, it’s been awhile.  2017 has brought new refreshing air, and I’ve set the intention to bring you much more value over the next year.

To compensate for my absence in recent months, I am gifting a One Day SYS SOULutions For Better Living™ Design Package valued at $1500 to a random lucky winner.

I will list guidelines on how to enter in our giveaway later, first allow me to share 5 SOULutions For Better Living™ In The City that you can readily implement in your space.

You may or may not be aware, but everything in your home affects the way you feel, and I mean EVERYTHING! Furniture placement? Yes! Lighting? You bet! Color Scheme? Absolutely! Air Quality? That’s pretty obvious!

Hibernation season in full effect, how do you feel when you are home? – How does the air feel? How does the lighting feel? How does your mattress feel? How does the energy feel? How does your home truly feel?

If you are desiring change, and not sure where to begin, these SOULutions For Better Living™ are small transformational changes that can make a huge difference.

Here we go!

1. Go Green!

Go Green!

City living has its perks and its downfalls – one of them is air quality.

Add plants to your living space. Add them to every room, small or large, few or many without over crowding your space. Plants are an inexpensive means to accessorizing your space, think color and texture. And the best part – they can clean household air and balance humidity. They can absorb pollutants and remove harmful gases from the air. Every home should have a green piece of nature.

2. Living Room lighting

Living Room Lighting

If you live in one of the city’s new residential buildings, most likely your place does not have overhead lighting.  Perhaps, natural lighting is abundant in your space.  However, if you lack both, make sure to implement different levels of lighting – high, medium and low.  Each level of lighting goes hand in hand with the task at hand.

City apartment living rooms serve as multifunctional areas – hosting friends and family, watching a movie, reading a book, and often your cocktail table turns into your dining table. Floor lamps, table lamps, and art lighting are a few ways to add different levels of lighting to your space.

3. Color Scheme

Color Scheme

A vast majority of city apartments are compact. In order to make a space feel larger and brighter, we recommend today’s trendy neutral – grey on walls. We use soft grays A LOT in the spaces we design.

The fascinating aspect of color is its psychology. Color affects moods and lifestyles. Think about your wardrobe, certain colors will always make you feel different.  Do you love denims? A blue sofa will always invite you to relax. Are you a pattern person? Choose a patterned area rug to make a bold statement. Do you love bright colors such as red or yellow? Throw pillows, accent chairs, and art are a few ways to incorporate the livelihood of bright colors in your space.

If you are New Yorker, you may be one of many who wear black all winter long. Black is classy and you can absolutely add it to your home decor– a vase, a lamp shade, a lounge chair, and for for greater impact – window frames, doors and kitchen cabinets.

4. Declutter

Urban Closet

We are a consumer driven society. Hundreds upon hundreds of retailers sell disposable items – furniture, clothing, etc.  Start by decluttering your closets. This alone will make your energy, and the energy of your home much lighter.  Donate what no longer serves you, there are tons of grass roots organizations throughout NYC.  Start investing in quality timeless pieces.

Same applies to furniture, stay away from investing in pieces that will start falling apart in less than 5 years.  If you have things at home that you don’t use often such seasonal items – ski and/or camping gear, you are better off storing them away, there are lots of storage facilities throughout NYC, it’s worth the investment.

5. Multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional Furniture

Storage platform beds with drawers are a great solution for city apartments given the lack of closet space.  Lift top cocktail tables allow dinner for two and suits your space beautifully. Bookshelf/media console combinations options are awesome! You may not have the “eye” of a designer, but you have intuition – we all do. Choose pieces that fit your lifestyle. The key is to have free walking space throughout your entire apartment without having to squeeze yourself around your own space.

Do better, Be better, Live Better. 

SOULutions For Better Living™ is a lifestyle & design program created by the demand of our clients desires to live better.

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If you’d like specific content regarding your home – design and lifestyle, leave us a comment and we will research the topic for a possible future post.




P.S Check out a few of our client’s testimonials:

“Jamie says she offers SOULutions and she does!  The way she helped me uncover every day living challenges, and guided me with SOULutions designed to fit my lifestyle was, in a word, miraculous.  This dynamo is the sole reason I now have not only an uncluttered, stunning apartment but also an uncluttered mind.  I am so much happier and more productive–as a business owner and as a person. You can’t imagine what you are in for, but take the leap, trust Jamie, and see your world transformed.  I can’t recommend her highly enough!” — Judy Katz, founder and President, Katz Creative and


“Parry Properties LOVES SOULutions!

We cannot thank you enough for taking us on in your truly Amazing program SOULutions. You captured the essence of asking the right questions to implement therapeutic and aesthetic change that ripples with liberation. (Please excuse the flowery prose but I am truly exhilarated and love marveling at the changes you’ve helped us make in our home/work environment and life). Thank you so much!” ~ Victoria


5 soulutions to sensualize your space

How do you feel when you walk into a space that’s warm and inviting? 

Most solo men – bachelors- I work with want to create an inviting vibe in their space without losing their masculinity.

Are you a fashion forward, successful, eligible bachelor , a gentleman – a fine good man who wants to align with more of what you deserve?

When I see these fine alluring men, I always wonder if the attributes he carries in appearance are the attributes I would feel in his home.

Because when your home is in order, everything just flows!

Ladies, this is for you too, sensualizing our space, serves US all!

So, if this is you or someone you know, perfect, here are 5 SOULutions to sensualize your space.


1. Sheers

I’m referring to window treatment guys;) I recommend draperies and/or solar shades, we can always layer up. Sheers make your space lighter and brighter. If you must have a blackout curtain in your bedroom, always have a double pane installed so you get the sunlight through sheers during the day.

For unique beautiful sheer collections and more, let’s explore The Shade Store. Their hand crafted artisan collaboration, exclusive collections and social responsibility efforts will go beyond your expectations.


The Shade Store


2. Invigorate your home
Candles, incenses and essential oils allow for your space to exude relaxation and sensuality making your home inviting. Choose lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, rose – spa scents. Light it up any time, any day!


Invigorate your senses


3. Your bed
I recommend 100% Egyptian cotton linen to all my clients. It’s long fibers produce sheets that are thin and sumptuous yet extremely strong and long-lasting. Choose them in percale, it’ll give you a crisp, cool feeling, great for cuddling;)

Mmmmmm….for heavenly sheets, let’s head over to Parachute.
Parachute’s quality, design, and social responsibility will have you at hello!




4. Home Office

I can’t tell you the amount of clients who run businesses and naturally have a home office, but rarely use it because they can’t connect to their flow.

They don’t want to go to the office when they simply want to dedicate an hour of creative goodness to their business while at home.

Leave the stuffiness out! – old boring file cabinets, desk with zero character, a quote that everybody and their mother has hanging on their walls. Allow your home office to reflect you and your business. Perhaps, it calls for a loungy feel with a chaise lounge where you can sit with your feet up. A mural also goes a long way!


Home office


5. Make “staying in” investments

Staying in doesn’t mean you wear your hole shirts and sucks (get rid of them!) Comfortable cool socks, a crips v neck white t-shirt, are simple investments for those “staying in” days.

You are the soul of your home; therefore you are your home’s most precious accessory – dress accordingly, most of all stylish comfortably. You enjoy pleasant unexpected visits, don’t you?


White T-shirt


Energy is contagious so make that of your space vibrant & calm, inviting & selective, systemized, & flowing. It’s all about an organic alignment, the more we align, the more we expand.

I love to help clients align their GQ style with with that of their space. If you value home that matches your lifestyle so you can enjoy every day living and contribute to your success, you’re one step closer.


Join the SYS tribe!